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Hop, Skip and Jump Preschool was started in 1992 by Lizzie Wallace, a fully qualified Nursery Nurse whose passion was to provide a safe place where children could develop, learn and have fun.



Personal, Social & Emotional Development

  • Talktime

  • Building self esteem

  • Significance

  • Self worth through play


  • Using numbers in role play

  • Construction

  • Pattern making with shapes

  • Sorting and matching

Communication & Language

  • Reasons for writing

  • Role play

  • Mark making activities

  • Stories, puppets and props

Understanding of the World

  • Investigting

  • Exploring

  • Asking questions

  • Understanding our world

Creative Development

  • Explore colour, texture, space

  • Enjoy & respond to music

  • Playing together

  • Imagination in art & music


  • Reasons for Writing

  • Letters and Sounds

  • Mark Making

  • Forming shapes and letters

Physical Development

  • Moving in different ways

  • Moving with coordination

  • Practise new skills

  • Understanding good health



As from September 2020, our pre-school fees at East and Central Croydon are £23.00 per session or £100 per week.

Fees are payable on the first session of each half term in advance. We are currently in the government funding scheme for preschools and nurseries for 3 and 4 year olds.

This scheme commences the term after your child turns 3 and parents need to complete some paperwork so that we can apply on behalf of your child.

For children that are not funded, a £30 registration fee is applicable.

Settling In New Children

Some children settle in almost immediately and others take several weeks.

It is important that your child feels completely comfortable in pre-school before they are left.

Staff will discuss with each parent or carer the best way to deal with leaving your children and how to ensure you keep and build trust with them in the process.

Our Location

The Hop, Skip and Jump preschool nearest to East Croydon rail and tram services, is held in United Reform Church in Addiscombe Grove, CR0 5LP.

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James loves coming [to Hop, Skip & Jump] an d we know that he will be loved and encouraged. We feel very safe leaving him....we couldn't ask for anything else.

parent 2020

All my children have been through Hop, Skip and Jump Pre-School and we found the staff to be completely professional, fun and loving.

parent 2020

Despite [my daughter] being very shy I was very surprised at how quickly she settled in. Hop, Skip and Jump staff encourage children to learn and play, share and respect within a fun and Christian environment.

parent 2020

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